What is Little Grey Pages? Well, it’s a tale made up of a bunch of smaller tales. Sometimes it looks like a comic. Sometimes it looks like a illustrated book. Sometimes animals talk and sometimes people listen. Sometimes machines are more alive than the people that own them. Sometimes the past is a story all its own and putting it together the way it was meant to be told will make sense of today and tomorrow.


A woman finds a mysterious chest buried deep in a stream bank near her home. With one fateful push of a screwdriver, she scatters a thousand leaves of paper all over the basement floor. To return the pages and their stories in their proper order, the Archivist recreates the world of Little Grey Pages tale by tale. But where did the stories come from and who originally wrote them?

Every Wednesday we’ll bring you a new chapter of one of the following storylines:

Red Panda and Crow

A furry fugitive escapes from the National Zoo finds an unlikely partner in crime.


The Beard Brothers

Three bearded boar brothers make their home deep in the forest. They want nothing more than to go about their business. But some of the locals have different plans.


abt oscThe Rescue

Francine thinks she adopted Oscar. But the opposite might turn out to be more true.


Fretter’s Creek

Fretter’s Creek is a strange place. Everyone knows it, but few ever talk about the bogies and specters that hide in the shadows of the mountain valley. Two young adventurers, Henry and Harriet Applebaugh, are about to find out how Fretter’s Creek came to be the way that it is.


Pictures by Heather Ravenscroft. Heather has an MFA from American University and works as a media coordinator and graphic artist for a conservation nonprofit.



Words by Jeremy Bruno. Jeremy is a software tech writer with a background in biology. He writes vignettes and flash fiction on his blog.