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In a bush

She’s a little defensive of her corner of the enclosure. The zoo is her home so she’s never alone, but the bush gives her some sense of security.

It’s hers after all. She’s worn it and shaped it. She’s protected it from the others.

It was taller many years ago. But the bush seems content to grow out instead of up.

The morning after

They stayed up as long as they could and went home exhausted. When Jared Goldsmith stopped to applaud, the popcorn bag slipped from between his elbows. In the bustle to leave, Elly McClure’s button became unpinned and dropped from her lapel. She didn’t realize she’d lost it until the train stopped at Pentagon City.

Red Panda and Crow find breakfast and baubles the morning after Election Day.

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Busy couple of weeks. We’ll resume Brother Eared’s story on 11/16.