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The Beard Brothers: Chapter 2.19

Hi all. Jeremy here. Heather and I will be on hiatus for a little while, working on a few other projects and revamping our creative publishing processes with Little Grey Pages. It’s not an “out of material” thing; it’s an “applying what we’ve learned” thing. It’s been over a year since we launched LGP and in recent months, it’s become clear that there are better ways to craft, publish and, perhaps most importantly, organize. One major change in the works is revamping the website to better chunk out chapters and storylines for easier access. We have a few other ideas too that we’re working on and hopefully we’ll have more information soon.

Thanks to everyone who’s followed along so far. We have a bunch of new adventures on the way and plans for a few new ways to read and follow. Stay tuned. We’ll post updates on our progress on the LGP blog.

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